Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ikea Goodies!

So if you follow my sisters blog   you will know that recently we have been to Ikea. I personally feel that it is impossible to go to Ikea with out buying something. So here is what I bought:

The Plant and Pot: This item has a story behind it. Whilst in Ikea eating the compulsory Swedish Meatballs, we couldn't tell if the plants on some of the table were real or fake. In the end we determined that they were fake, but I thought that it would be amazing for my room, as I am so busy and forgetful that I manage to kill any plants I keep. So I brought that plant along with the cute pot, and now it looks like I always have fresh flowers in my room! You can check out the plant here and pot here.

Make-up Brush Holder: This pretty delicate pot, is not supposed to be a makeup pot, but is a candle holder. But I have been looking for a pot for my make-up brushes and I thought it was so cute and girly. So I brought it filled it with clear beads, and ta-dah! You can see the 'Make-up brush holder' here.

Candles: I was walking round Ikea and of course spotted the candles and smelt them and they smelt amazing! But then I saw the price! They were only 95p!! So I picked up the Vanilla one and the Tropical one, which you can check out here and here.

Finally as most of you are aware I live in England, most known for its miserable weather and we have had one of the wettest winters ever, but it has come with great gust of winds too... resulting in all my umbrellas breaking. So when I was at Ikea and saw strong looking umbrella for £3 or £2 as an Ikea family member, it was a must and it has come in very useful over the past rainy week! You can see it here

Thank you for reading and if you would like to see the products photographed separately go over to my sister blog, and follow her! 

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emily xx

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