Sunday, 16 March 2014

3 Happy Aims!

As you many of you in the UK and maybe around the world know, it is coming up to exam season. This year I will be sitting my final A-level exams, with the hope of achieving the grade to make it to Uni. This thought is exciting because I can’t wait for them to be over and be able to progress to the next stage of my life’s journey (not to sound too cheesy). However it also gives me the heart skinning feeling of dread!

This feeling of dread along with the continually pressure to be studying every hours possible on top of all other aspects of my life I am trying to keep afloat, I have been starting to feel a bit down. Therefore inspired by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter I have decided to set myself three happy aims to hopefully lift myself from the pool of dread...

 1.Spend at least 20 minutes outside moving every day!
 This may make me sound very lazy, but I can’t walk to school as it is too far away and obviously when I’m in school I spend most of my time sitting in lessons or working. When I am at home I am either out volunteering, or I’m at home working in my room. But now the sun is out and it seems much brighter and nicer to be outside and when I am out I will suppress the feeling that I should be studying! They do say the sunshine and being outside makes you happy! 

 2.Keep my room tidy! 
 I’m a teenage girl with a busy life, I always end up with make-up, clothes and my school work over the floor. But instead of picking it up I always seem to just ignore the fact that it make me so annoyed, until it builds up and then I just can’t cope! So instead of this dreadful cycle I aim to spend at least 5 minutes a day just picking up my room!

3.Have fresh flowers in my room! 
 As I explained earlier I do not have a lot of time outside, so instead of feeling sad about being inside when I have to study, I will being the outside in. Recently I was given some daffodils and it made me so happy when I walked in and saw them (but now they are still in my room but kind of dead, not so happy!). After writing this I might go and get some more!

I hope this give you some ideas in what you can do to pick yourself up if school, work, college or anything else feels like it is getting on top of you!

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emily xx

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