Sunday, 9 March 2014

Home Bird Tour!

So as part of my birthday present my parents brought me and my sister (oh and themselves) tickets to go an see Sarah Millican's tour 'Home Bird'. 

Last night we went to Warwick Arts Center to see her perform. I will openly admit that she is not my favourite comedian as she can be quite, lets say 'rude' with her comedy. This was quite prominent in her show, which made me laugh or maybe it was cringing as I was sitting next to my mum! However overall the show was good, it was all based around the changes in her life over the past years from moving into a house with a man to getting married in the Christmas break last year. She was able to keep it light and fun with jokes reoccurring through out the show.

As well as the great comedy that she was giving, through out all of her tour she gave out badges to all members of the audience on their way out. There we two badges to choose between:

Home Bird: 'If you want to go home and put your slippers on' to take this badge.
Dirty Stop Out: 'If you are going to try a squeeze a couple of drinks in before going home' take this badge.

Personally I choose the Home Bird Badge. 

If you want to go an see this tour, which is also raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support, I would highly recommend it you can check out where she is going next here.

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emily xx

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