Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Power Revision Breakfast!

Recently I have been doing lots of revision, especially over the Easter holidays where I spent whole days revising. So I decided I needed a good breakfast to get me through the day.

I have all ways liked american pancakes, but I decided to add a banana to the mixture to add some fibre and sweetness and allowing me to reduce the sugar (even though I added maple syrup when I ate them). So here is the recipe I use to make my yummy Banana Pancakes:

135g- Plain Flour
1tsp - Baking Powder
1/2 tsp- Salt
1 tbsp- Caster Sugar
130ml- Milk
1 large- Beaten egg
1 tbsp-Oil (or alternative)
1- Mashed Banana

Mix all together until a smooth mixture is formed. Heat a non-stick pan, and add a spoonful of the mixture. Cook until the pancake puffs up and you see bubbles appearing. Flip over and cook the other side. If the pancakes stick use a low calorie oil spray to prevent them sticking.

As you can tell these pancakes are not super healthy, and as my Dad is on a health kick I decided to make some Healthier Banana Pancakes. Here is the recipe I used and as you can see they are a lot healthier than my indulgent pancakes:

2- Eggs
1- Mashed Banana

Cook in the same way using a low calorie cooking spray of your choice.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing new idea for a either indulgent or healthy breakfast, to get your through a day of revision or what ever else you are up too. If you have a go at making these post  your picture on my Facebook page.

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emily xx

Frozen Movie Night!

Before I start yes, I know I am like 6 months late but up until this week I had not seen Frozen!

When it was released I was super busy and didn't get round to watching it in the cinema. Obviously I was aware of the songs in the movie as many others were singing them! The DVD has been released in for a few weeks now and I have resisted spending my money on it.

But for Easter my Mum brought me the DVD, so on Tuesday night my Grandma, Mum, Dad, Katie (check out her blog) and myself settled down with a bowl of popcorn for a movie night.

In my honest opinion it was amazing, I feel with the fact I knew all the songs meant I missed out on the initial amazement of the whole movie and music fitting together, but that is not to say that it was not fantastic. The story was a classic falling in love of the Princess and a boy, but there were many twist and turns along the way that you couldn't tell from the songs.

My favorite characters has to be Sven and Olaf (my Grandma love Olaf too!). They are the reindeer and snowman who just pull the movie together with comedy, even though Sven doesn't say anything. I also loved the trolls I just think they are so cute and I sort of want one to keep!

My favorite quote from the movie is when Olaf says 'Some people are worth melting for!'. It is such a cute scene and my heart melted a bit when he said it.

And with every Disney movie they lived happily ever after. The End!

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emily xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Anniversary and Meeting Carrie!

In May my Mum and Dad will be celebrating there Silver Wedding Anniversary (that's being married for 25 years!) , so Katie and I decided to treat them to something special. After a lot of planning and saving we took them on a special trip to London!

We woke up early(ish), and Dad drove us down to South Wimbledon to the hotel, we parked and then walked to the tube station to head into central London. The first aim on the agenda was to buy breakfast. We wanted to go 'The Breakfast Club' but it had a queue out of the door, so instead we went to Patisserie Valerie.

I couldn't resist the Macrons!
When we had finished we had no plan so we just went around London, seeing the sights and visiting Harrods.

Harrods Bear!
Love a bit of Science! Well of M&M's!

Make up department in Harrods!

For our dinner we took mum and dad to Zizzi's. We had never been before and the quality of the food did not disappoint. I did have dessert of Gelato but I was too eager to eat it and forgot to take a photo!

Margarita Pizza with added Spicy Chicken and Ham!

After dinner it was time to give Mum and Dad there biggest surprise! Katie and I had brought them tickets to see Les Miserables at the Queens Theater,! This is there favourite musical and have never seen it in the West End, but as a bonus for Katie and me it had Carrie Fletcher as Eponine. The show was amazing and I cried probably way more than a normal person should! Carrie's performance was absolutely flawless.
After the performance we went round to stage door to meet Carrie, she signed my program and was absolute lovely!


I hope you enjoyed seeing how Katie and I treated Mum and Dad for their anniversary.
Check out Carries YouTube channel here and for more pictures go check out Katie's blog!

My Outfit: 
Dress: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Coat: Topshop
Bag: New Look:
Shoes: Clarks:

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emily xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Biscuits!

So this time next week it will be Easter Sunday! Easter is a time where we celebrate new beginnings and one of the ways this is represented is in the form of eggs, normally of the chocolate variety. But as an alternative to giving friends and family chocolate eggs, I made some Egg shaped biscuits!

The Biscuit Recipe (sorry for the use of ounces):
Margarine- 4 1/2 oz
Icing Sugar -1 1/2 oz
Plain Flour- 6 oz
  1. Cream margarine and sugar together with a wooden spoon  until light and fluffy.
  2. Fold in flour, to form dough.
  3. Place on floured surface, knead together until dough becomes firm.
  4. Roll out and cut out biscuits shapes.
  5. Bake at 190 C, for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
The Icing:
Large Egg Whites- 2-3
A few drops of lemon juice
Icing Sugar- 500-600g
Liquid Food Colourings
  1. Beat together egg whites and lemon juice with wooden spoon until fully combined.
  2. Gradually beat in the icing sugar till a smooth, pipe-able constancy is reached.
  3. Separate in to different bowls and colour.
To decorate with the icing I used disposable piping bags (20 for £1- from Poundland). I filled the bags, cut the end with a pair of scissors. Piping at first may seem tricky but it really isn't with a bit of practice. The icing will natural dry matte, but if you want it to be shiny hold the dried iced biscuit over some steam and the icing will become shinny. Don't hold it for too long you don't want any soggy biscuits.

I hope you enjoy making these, and if you do, post the pictures on my Facebook or link your blog  in the comments.

Happy Easter

emily xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014


So over the past few weeks there have been some products that I have used up and I thought I would share my view on these products.

Imperial Leather- Foamburst
I was going through my product draw and I found this. I had this last year for a trip to Centre Parcs, so I put it in the shower. As soon as I used it I remembered why I brought it. It comes out like shaving foam, and bubbles up! It fills the room with the amazing scent of Jojoba and Passion Flower, which may not mean a lot in words but it smells really good. I love this products because it is different to the standard shower gel, it has a pump so easy to use and it doubles up as shaving foam for you legs as well as just shower gel. I don't know if they still sell this exact one but check out the range here.

L'oreal Paris- Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution
I deiced to try this as I heard it was a dupe for Bioderma (which I haven't managed to get my hands on yet). It works well removing base make up, and is great product for a quick removal of make up. However I have noticed that it can leave a sticky residue on the skin and does not remove eye make up well (especially waterproof make-up). But overall I would say this product is good and easy alternative to full cleansing every night. Check it out here. I have heard that the Gainer one is good as well so I will try that next time!

L'oreal Paris Elvive- Fibrology Thickening Shampoo
My mum picked this up when she was shopping as she knew I was dealing with fly away thin hair. I had seen this advertised in magazines and had wanted to try it. It says that is uses new Filloxane technology. It claims to have 'Thickness Creation', filloxane penetrates each hair and expands it and it has a cumulative effect.
I am so glad my mum brought this for me. It has made such a difference, I wish I had take before and after photos. But I can honestly say that this does what is says, it will thicken your hair! Check it out here.

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