Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Freshers Tag!

Last week my twin sister created and posted the Freshers Tag which you can see here. So I thought I would jump on the band wagon and do it my self!

1) Which Uni do you go to and what are you studying?
I am at the University of York, and doing a degree in Biology.

2) What type of accommodation do you live in?
I am in university accommodation. All the accommodation at this university is split into collages, I am in Goodricke Collage. I am in a flat of 12, 6 girls and 6 boys. We all have our own en suites, and share a kitchen.

3) What is your bedroom like?
My bed room is really nice, and its on its way to being sorted. The best part is having an en-suite being able to roll straight out of my bed into the shower. When my room is done I am looking forward to doing a blog post showing you my favourite bits! However for now this is the view out of my bedroom window.
Rainbow over the neighboring collage!
4) Were you nervous to go to uni?
Hell yes! I was so nervous and anxious. I still am now and then when I'm here. However I have been really brave doing things I would never even have considered. Like going along to meetings when I have never met anyone going. I took the advice of just saying 'Yes' and taking the most of the opportunity I have been given so far.

5) Hardest thing to get used to when not living at home?
Mine has to be similar to my sisters. It being so far away from my family. The people i used to speak to everyday, or those i would see once a week. When your away for this long it make you realise how much you depend on the contact. Plus the lack of hot tub time with my cousins is killing me! Haha!

6) What's your new city like? 
B-e-a-u-tiful! York is one of the best places on earth in my eyes. Here is a photo just to demonstrate. There will be many more photos of the city and the campus in the future. The reason I love it here so much is the amount of water I am surrounded by, whether that be the Campus Lake or the River Ouse in the city centre.
York Minster!
7) Favourite freshers event?
I found this really hard as we had so many good events. I really enjoyed all the themed nights when I could get my face paint and make up out! If I had to choose an event I would say it was the first Sunday night because it was just such a good night. If you want to see what I got up to during freshers week check out my last  blog post which you can see here.

8) Favourite thing to do whilst at uni?
My favourite thing to do so far is just to go for a walk round the campus and round the lake. As I have said I find water really calming and when I'm feeling down or panicky this just calms me and I feel a lot happier. Plus having all this time outside in the green is just so different from life at home and I love it!
The campus lake!
A second thing which is now going to be a weekly treat is lunch at the Courtyard which is the Universities best place to get the best food! I had a heavenly chicken fajita wrap this week!

9) Do you feel different now your living without your parents?
Yes, extremely. It is weird but I feel like a proper grown up cooking all my own meals, and washing ect.I do enjoy not being nagged or told to do something. But I know understand why my mum tells me off for leaving bread open or using all the milk! Heheh, sorry mum!

10) Any advice for any Freshers to be?
Just say 'Yes'. Honestly every where around you are opportunities  to meet new people and try new things. And take those opportunities and run with them you don't know where they could take you!

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Goodricke Fresher Week!

Sorry I missed last week but last weekend was one of the biggest weekends of my life so far. On the 27th September 2014 I moved to York University. So the last week has been a whirl wind of freshers so here is what I have been up to.

Saturday 27th September 2014
I woke up early this day and packed up the car and I was off. We arrived at the university at 9.30, and then the carrying of all of the stuff that I had manged to ram in the car. We had lovely people called STYC's (Second and third year contacts), helping me carry all of my stuff up to my  floor on the second floor of the building. I have moved into a collage with in my university and I am in Goodricke collage. The rest of the after was spent making my room cosy and homely and then getting to know my flat mates.

At night this was the first event of the Goodricke freshers week. This was a first letter disco, and as my name is Emily I went as an elephant, it was a great first night getting to know people and being able to remember peoples names by what they dressed up as.
Elephant 'Emily'!

Sunday 28th September 2014
This day was filled with collage photos and health and safety talks which were compulsory but not the most interesting. The freshers event of this night was the Green Invasion. The colour of the collage is green so we put on our 'Goodricke till I die'. This was the first time we went out at night in York and we went on a club crawl, and I had a great night!

On the bus!

Monday 29th September 2014
Today we were welcomed by the VC of the uni and the leader of our student union YUSU! I cant say it was the most thrilling talk but it had some important information in it.

Tonight was Pub Golf, a pub crawl involving a game based on downing drinks. I however did not drink as I felt like I need a  break from Alcohol. I went along with my flat to all the bars/pub within the university campuses. When they were about to leave for town, me and another member of the flat decided to head back to our campus. We then instantly regretted this decision. as soon as we started walking the heavens opened and by the time we got back we were absolutely drench!
Before the rain came!
Tuesday 30th September 2014
I had my first departmental lecture/welcome to day, where we were given a very large text book and given a small tour of the department.

The event of the night was casino night at one of the nicest clubs in York, called Revolution. We first went to Bora Bora for starter cocktails and then moved on to Revs and it was a nice chilled out evening spent with the people from my flat.

Wednesday 31st September 2014
Today was the day when freshers flu hit most of us. Just getting the sniffles and feel just a little crappy. We all decided not to go out so when to the alternative freshers event of a quiz, where we came 4th one mark of 3rd and actually getting a prize!

Thursday 1st October 2014
Today I had a meeting with my supervisor who is super lovely and made me feel very comfortable and supported. Today also brought the start of my lectures, and was in then till 5pm. The event of the night was an Animal Crawl. As a flat we decided to go asa Zebras so i got my face paint out and transformed everyone into zebras.

Friday 2nd October 2014
The day was another day filled with working and lecture. This was the last night of the Goodricke organised events and the theme was end of the world! Yep so I got my face paint and fake blood out and turned everyone into Zombies!
Creepy? Right?!

Saturday 3rd October 2014
Today it was freshers fair! It was a really good experience, where you were able to sign up for different societies and sports. Then at night it was the fresher festival 'Live and Loud'. It was good with the line up including DJ Fresh! There was also a fire work display that looked absolutely amazing. It was a great night but it was really freezing cold!
Sunday 4th October 2014
Today is the day that I am posting this. I just want to say how good this week has been. I have moved to a place that I absolutely love. It is so quite peacful, green and beautiful. I feel so calm and relaxed here and a lot less paniky than I did when I was living at home. I can't wait to take some amazing photos and share them with you all.

OK I should be off know as tonight it is the comedy night with the main act as Josh Wittcombe and im now off into town.

'Goodricke till I die'

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