Sunday, 23 March 2014

Twin Times!

So many as you know I am an identical twin. My Katie and I have been together for 18 years as twins now and today I was thinking I should share some of the twin world with you. So here is the twin tag:
Me (left) and Katie (right) aged 3.

 1. What is the ‘twinnest’ that we have ever done?
Well, I would say choosing our options at school. We were always in different classes until we were set and were both then in the same classes. And when we were in year 9 and it was time to choose options, we choose the same and if like some twinny coincidence we took the same A-level choices in year 12 as well.

2. Do we have twin telepathy?
Sorry to disappoint, but no! However we do think alike which is why when people say think of something to one of us the other will usually reply the same. But can we send each other message? No, but we can usually tell what each other is thinking, the same as many best friends or close sisters can do.

3. Do you plan/ have been/ go to the same school?
We have both attended the same nursery, school and sixth form. However in September we will be going our separate ways as we leave home for university.

      4. Do you ever have similar taste/interest (style, food and people)?
In some ways we do and in some ways we don’t, especially with our choice in TV. Style; I would say some of the things we do have the same style, but I will always go more floral than Katie. Food; Some of the things we have the same but Katie loves peas and mushrooms that I hate. But I love runny poached eggs, which she wouldn't touch. People; we pretty much have the same friends but boys are a different matter. She prefers brunettes, whereas I don’t mind as long as they are taller than me (which isn't a hard feat).

      5. Do you ever match?
Yes, as I have said with study options we match and when we were younger my mum used to dress us the same, and we used to then buy similar/ the same clothes and check we didn't wear the same. But now we are older we tend to not match as much.

      6. Who is older (annoying but everyone will wont to know)?
Me, by one minute! I was born at 4:22 pm and Katie at  4:23 pm. Don’t you forget it, than one minute counts!

      7. Do you have any nicknames you call each other?
She calls me Emwy, which I can’t say I like. I call her Kakey or K!

      8. What is the dumbest twin related question you have ever been asked?
“What is it like being a twin?” – This annoys me because I don’t know what is it like to not be a twin therefore I can’t answer.

      9. Does it annoy you when you get called your twins name?
Well yes and no. When my own mother gets us wrong, I have been known to get really annoyed and if a boyfriend ever called me the wrong name I’m sure I wouldn't be too happy. But most of the time it doesn't really bother me and I respond to Katie.

     10. What do I like most and the thing I like least about my twin sister?
What I like most is the fact that she is always (most of  time) around, and even though we don’t get on as well as maybe best friends, she is always there even if it is to yell at for stress relief! The thing I like the least if that she is a very touchy expressive, likes to be in my room sister. She will come in to my room when I’m watching a YouTube video and just stand there watching over my shoulder!! So annoying!

Katie (left) and Me (right) on our 18th Birthday!
 I hope you have enjoyed reading this and getting an incite into what it is like to have a Twinster (twin sister). If so go over to Katie's blog to see what she has to say about being my sister.

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