Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day!

So as many as you will be aware today is mothers day. Mothers day as we know it originated in the 1900's in the US, but is also closely related to the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday. It is always held on the 4th Sunday of the christian period of lent. It is tradition to return home to your mum, and give her a gift to show appreciation for all they have done.

To me mothers day is a day to say not only thank you to your mother, but also to the female people in your like that support you. This can be Aunties, Grandmas, or anyone else who is a female that supports you in your life.

I know I am blessed to be surrounded by many female people who are always therefore me when even I need them. Whether that it be that I am sad and need someone to cheer me up; I need a lift some where or just to spend time with.

I hope you have all showed your mums the love (on this sunny day.. well in England!) but I also challenge you over the next week, every day tell or do something for one of the supportive female members of your family. They will appreciate it more that you may think!

If you would like me to do a blog post with my mum let me know in the comments!

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emily xx

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