Sunday, 31 August 2014

Uni Clothing Essentials Haul!

Before I go to Uni I decided that there were a few essential pieces of clothing that I need before I go. I didn't purchase any of these as they were a treat of my Granny for my results and getting into Uni. So here goes...

The first thing I got, i picked up a while ago so you may have seen it before. It was this faux leather jacket I picked up in TK Maxx. I think that a leather jack is an essential as it can be used all the time to dress up and outfit, but i do just love it!
The next the I got was coincidentally  from Next. They are these boots. As I know I am moving up north for Uni I know that it is going to be chilly and may get slippy. So I need some sensible boots that will keep my feet warm and last for most my time at uni. These boots are really comfy even from the first time I have warn them and have paired them with these woolly leg warms I have from a few winters ago. You can see these here.

Jeans were something I was lacking in my wardrobe. But over the past year the only jeans I can find that fit me and do short leg seizes (because my legs are tiny), are the Topshop jeans. So I picked up these darker ones, to wear through Autumn and Winter. The style I like are the Leigh jeans that sit perfectly on my hips. Theses jeans are on the pricey size but they last for a really long time so I feel they are worth the investment. You can find these ones here.
The last thing I know isn't exactly and essential but I saw it and fell in love. It is a mint green thin knit long sleeved jumper with this beautiful lace over lay on the bottom. I picked it up in Dorthy Perkins and i think it will be perfect with a statement necklace and a pair of boots, and is thin enough to layer with a jacket for the colder months to come. You can see it here.

I hope you have enjoyed this and if they are any going to uni post which you wish to see feel free to leave your suggestions down in the comments.

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emily xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

25 Things to Do This Summer Update #1

Hey so today I am going to update you on how I am doing on the 25 things I planned to do this summer. If you haven't seen the original post you can do here.

I am going to go through the first 12 things i planned to do, so lets get started!

1. Spend as much time with my family as possible.
I feel I have been doing well at this and have been spending almost every day with my family. Here is my favourite photo, from when my cousins, one of my cousins exchange students, my sister and I went to Cadbury world. Yes, yes we are surfing on a bar of Dairy Milk!
2. Bake lots of cakes. 
Of course I have been doing this and here is a picture of a Victoria Sandwich I made for my Grandma's half family who came over for lunch.
3.Visit the beach at least once!
Yep, this happened when I was on the cruise and I went to Niece. I know this picture isn't of me on the beach but I absolutely love this photo I took as the waves hit the beach.
4. Have a cute picnic in the park.
I have had some picnics one of which was with a friend which due to our luck start with us sitting in the car as it rained! Hahah!

5. Say 'Yes' to something I would normally say no to.
This one is hard. I can quite think of one incident where this happened but I am sure it has. 

6. Go to as many BBQ's as possible.
I have been to 2 or 3 BBQ's and I know there are a few more to come this summer. However I have not managed to take any photos.

7. Go on an adventure with out a plan.
Well for this I went with no clue what the plan was even though there was a plan made buy my Auntie and this was my surprise trip to London which I absolutely loved.
8. Start my new series on my Blog!
I have been so busy I haven't got round to this yet, but I promise I will!

9. Take more photos. 
I have been doing this and getting my new iphone has helped. Love my camera and it is always in my bag where ever I am. This is one of my favourite photos. It is of Bearded Dragon (which I really want as a pet) in my local garden centre. Isn't he beautiful! 
10. Have smore's on camp.
Unfortunately this didn't happen but i'm sure I can squeeze it into a late night BBQ! 

11. Make the most of every day, that means no crazy lie-ins. 
I'd like to say that I stuck to this but, I can't. But I can say that every day I have been doing something useful, whether that be shopping for uni and spending time with family!

12. Do something active every day.
Well I can't say that I have ran a marathon everyday but I have been moving. Over the summer I have swam, rode a bike and carried shopping bags (i'm sure that counts).

I hope you have enjoyed this follow up post and the update #2 will be up in the next few weeks!

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emily xx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life Updates!

Hey guys!

Sorry I have missed another week of posting, but this week has been a BIG week for me so I thought this week I would just give you a few life updates!

1. I'm going to Uni!
This Thursday as many of you will know it was A-level results day. First off I would like to congratulate all of you who also received A or AS level results and also to those who are waiting to receive GCSE results good luck for next week!

Me and Katie on the Front Page of local paper!
On Thursday I was able to log into UCAS and see that I have been accepted int the University of York to study Biochemistry! I am super excited for this journey and I can't wait to take you on this journey with me!

2. I now have Twitter!
I have never had twitter, I know right where have i been? But I have now have a twitter. Come and follow me @emily23ltn !!

3. Thing on Living the Now to look forward to!
I have a lot of exciting thing planned for posts in the near furture! From post all about Uni (hauls, decoration ideas ect..) and I will be posting my review of the 25 Thing i had planned to do this summer!

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emily xx

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Cruising around the Med!

I am sorry that recently my post haven't been on a regular basis, I have been so busy that getting a chance to sit down and write a blog that is post worthy is a bit tricky. But I will try and get back on the regular schedule.

 So as a big family holiday this year we went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise around the Mediterranean. We flew to Barcelona, and hopped on to the boat. The boat made stops at Marseille, Vilefranche (Nice), Pisa, Rome and Naples (Pompeii).  The cruise was amazing we got to see some amazing place, eat some amazing food and had some amazing entertainment.

I didn't want to go through every single day so here are a selection of photos to give you a taste of what I got up too.

Our Boat!
Our Boat was sponsored by Dreamworks so we saw a lot of these guys around the ship.
Our view at the dinner table.

Food on board was amazing!

Day 1: Marseilles

Day 2: Niece

Day 3: Pisa

Day 4: Rome

Day 5: Pompeii

Family Photo
Mum and Dad
I want to say a massive thank you to my Mum and Dad for taking Katie and I on this amazing holiday. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back to some of these places. To see more photos of our holiday go over to my sisters blog here.

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emily xx