Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day!

So as many as you will be aware today is mothers day. Mothers day as we know it originated in the 1900's in the US, but is also closely related to the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday. It is always held on the 4th Sunday of the christian period of lent. It is tradition to return home to your mum, and give her a gift to show appreciation for all they have done.

To me mothers day is a day to say not only thank you to your mother, but also to the female people in your like that support you. This can be Aunties, Grandmas, or anyone else who is a female that supports you in your life.

I know I am blessed to be surrounded by many female people who are always therefore me when even I need them. Whether that it be that I am sad and need someone to cheer me up; I need a lift some where or just to spend time with.

I hope you have all showed your mums the love (on this sunny day.. well in England!) but I also challenge you over the next week, every day tell or do something for one of the supportive female members of your family. They will appreciate it more that you may think!

If you would like me to do a blog post with my mum let me know in the comments!

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emily xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Twin Times!

So many as you know I am an identical twin. My Katie and I have been together for 18 years as twins now and today I was thinking I should share some of the twin world with you. So here is the twin tag:
Me (left) and Katie (right) aged 3.

 1. What is the ‘twinnest’ that we have ever done?
Well, I would say choosing our options at school. We were always in different classes until we were set and were both then in the same classes. And when we were in year 9 and it was time to choose options, we choose the same and if like some twinny coincidence we took the same A-level choices in year 12 as well.

2. Do we have twin telepathy?
Sorry to disappoint, but no! However we do think alike which is why when people say think of something to one of us the other will usually reply the same. But can we send each other message? No, but we can usually tell what each other is thinking, the same as many best friends or close sisters can do.

3. Do you plan/ have been/ go to the same school?
We have both attended the same nursery, school and sixth form. However in September we will be going our separate ways as we leave home for university.

      4. Do you ever have similar taste/interest (style, food and people)?
In some ways we do and in some ways we don’t, especially with our choice in TV. Style; I would say some of the things we do have the same style, but I will always go more floral than Katie. Food; Some of the things we have the same but Katie loves peas and mushrooms that I hate. But I love runny poached eggs, which she wouldn't touch. People; we pretty much have the same friends but boys are a different matter. She prefers brunettes, whereas I don’t mind as long as they are taller than me (which isn't a hard feat).

      5. Do you ever match?
Yes, as I have said with study options we match and when we were younger my mum used to dress us the same, and we used to then buy similar/ the same clothes and check we didn't wear the same. But now we are older we tend to not match as much.

      6. Who is older (annoying but everyone will wont to know)?
Me, by one minute! I was born at 4:22 pm and Katie at  4:23 pm. Don’t you forget it, than one minute counts!

      7. Do you have any nicknames you call each other?
She calls me Emwy, which I can’t say I like. I call her Kakey or K!

      8. What is the dumbest twin related question you have ever been asked?
“What is it like being a twin?” – This annoys me because I don’t know what is it like to not be a twin therefore I can’t answer.

      9. Does it annoy you when you get called your twins name?
Well yes and no. When my own mother gets us wrong, I have been known to get really annoyed and if a boyfriend ever called me the wrong name I’m sure I wouldn't be too happy. But most of the time it doesn't really bother me and I respond to Katie.

     10. What do I like most and the thing I like least about my twin sister?
What I like most is the fact that she is always (most of  time) around, and even though we don’t get on as well as maybe best friends, she is always there even if it is to yell at for stress relief! The thing I like the least if that she is a very touchy expressive, likes to be in my room sister. She will come in to my room when I’m watching a YouTube video and just stand there watching over my shoulder!! So annoying!

Katie (left) and Me (right) on our 18th Birthday!
 I hope you have enjoyed reading this and getting an incite into what it is like to have a Twinster (twin sister). If so go over to Katie's blog to see what she has to say about being my sister.

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emily xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

3 Happy Aims!

As you many of you in the UK and maybe around the world know, it is coming up to exam season. This year I will be sitting my final A-level exams, with the hope of achieving the grade to make it to Uni. This thought is exciting because I can’t wait for them to be over and be able to progress to the next stage of my life’s journey (not to sound too cheesy). However it also gives me the heart skinning feeling of dread!

This feeling of dread along with the continually pressure to be studying every hours possible on top of all other aspects of my life I am trying to keep afloat, I have been starting to feel a bit down. Therefore inspired by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter I have decided to set myself three happy aims to hopefully lift myself from the pool of dread...

 1.Spend at least 20 minutes outside moving every day!
 This may make me sound very lazy, but I can’t walk to school as it is too far away and obviously when I’m in school I spend most of my time sitting in lessons or working. When I am at home I am either out volunteering, or I’m at home working in my room. But now the sun is out and it seems much brighter and nicer to be outside and when I am out I will suppress the feeling that I should be studying! They do say the sunshine and being outside makes you happy! 

 2.Keep my room tidy! 
 I’m a teenage girl with a busy life, I always end up with make-up, clothes and my school work over the floor. But instead of picking it up I always seem to just ignore the fact that it make me so annoyed, until it builds up and then I just can’t cope! So instead of this dreadful cycle I aim to spend at least 5 minutes a day just picking up my room!

3.Have fresh flowers in my room! 
 As I explained earlier I do not have a lot of time outside, so instead of feeling sad about being inside when I have to study, I will being the outside in. Recently I was given some daffodils and it made me so happy when I walked in and saw them (but now they are still in my room but kind of dead, not so happy!). After writing this I might go and get some more!

I hope this give you some ideas in what you can do to pick yourself up if school, work, college or anything else feels like it is getting on top of you!

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emily xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Home Bird Tour!

So as part of my birthday present my parents brought me and my sister (oh and themselves) tickets to go an see Sarah Millican's tour 'Home Bird'. 

Last night we went to Warwick Arts Center to see her perform. I will openly admit that she is not my favourite comedian as she can be quite, lets say 'rude' with her comedy. This was quite prominent in her show, which made me laugh or maybe it was cringing as I was sitting next to my mum! However overall the show was good, it was all based around the changes in her life over the past years from moving into a house with a man to getting married in the Christmas break last year. She was able to keep it light and fun with jokes reoccurring through out the show.

As well as the great comedy that she was giving, through out all of her tour she gave out badges to all members of the audience on their way out. There we two badges to choose between:

Home Bird: 'If you want to go home and put your slippers on' to take this badge.
Dirty Stop Out: 'If you are going to try a squeeze a couple of drinks in before going home' take this badge.

Personally I choose the Home Bird Badge. 

If you want to go an see this tour, which is also raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support, I would highly recommend it you can check out where she is going next here.

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emily xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ikea Goodies!

So if you follow my sisters blog   you will know that recently we have been to Ikea. I personally feel that it is impossible to go to Ikea with out buying something. So here is what I bought:

The Plant and Pot: This item has a story behind it. Whilst in Ikea eating the compulsory Swedish Meatballs, we couldn't tell if the plants on some of the table were real or fake. In the end we determined that they were fake, but I thought that it would be amazing for my room, as I am so busy and forgetful that I manage to kill any plants I keep. So I brought that plant along with the cute pot, and now it looks like I always have fresh flowers in my room! You can check out the plant here and pot here.

Make-up Brush Holder: This pretty delicate pot, is not supposed to be a makeup pot, but is a candle holder. But I have been looking for a pot for my make-up brushes and I thought it was so cute and girly. So I brought it filled it with clear beads, and ta-dah! You can see the 'Make-up brush holder' here.

Candles: I was walking round Ikea and of course spotted the candles and smelt them and they smelt amazing! But then I saw the price! They were only 95p!! So I picked up the Vanilla one and the Tropical one, which you can check out here and here.

Finally as most of you are aware I live in England, most known for its miserable weather and we have had one of the wettest winters ever, but it has come with great gust of winds too... resulting in all my umbrellas breaking. So when I was at Ikea and saw strong looking umbrella for £3 or £2 as an Ikea family member, it was a must and it has come in very useful over the past rainy week! You can see it here

Thank you for reading and if you would like to see the products photographed separately go over to my sister blog, and follow her! 

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