Sunday, 1 June 2014

£1 Jess Polish!

This week I was supposed to be showing you my new glasses, but I need to get them refitted.
So this week it is all about £1 nail polish! This is Jess Nail Polish which is made exclusively for Poundland with a good selection of colours and gorgeous glitters.
I feel that the full colours are hit and miss, and take a few coats to achieve an opaque colour. But they also have lovely shimmers such as Breathless, which apply smoothly and have a beautiful iridescent finish.
Right to Left: Mauve, Zest, Breathless and Mink Coat
But what I really wanted to tell you about are the glitters! The glitters are amazing, they can be used over the top of a colour to brighten up a plain colour or they can be used on there own but do require a few coats to build up the amount of glitter. They are just so pretty!!
Right to Left: Sea Breeze, Boho, Celebration and Topaz
So if you have a Poundland near you (sorry I think they are only in England) get down and buy some of these polishes. They are defiantly a great deal and whether you are a nail polish novice or already a lover, you can expand your collection for a fraction of the cost of even drug store polishes!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and will go an try some out! If you do tell me your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook page. To make sure you don't miss out any of my posts, come and follow me on Bloglovin.

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