Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Glasses!

If you read last weeks blog you will know that this week is all about my new glasses. I have to wear glasses all the time as I am short sighted and my vision has been on a fast decline over the past two years. But last week I recived my new glasses.

I bought them from Boots Opticians and they had the deal that if you buy one pair you get a second Boots pair for free. So I got one designer pair and one pair from a Boots designer. My lenses are the lightened and thinned lenses with the anti-glare coating. I went for this option because without it my lenses would be too thick for the frames and anti-glare is good as I spend a lot of time on my laptop working (as well as watching YouTube and Blogging) and I can only see this time getting longer when I am at Uni.

My first pair are a designer pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs. They are a plastic frame, the outside are a mottled brown and the insides are see through plastic with an almost coffee bean print showing through. The front of the frames get wider on the tops toward the edges. I love this frame as the have the slight old style feel with the almost 1950's cat eye shape. The lenses are also larger than my old ones so they show off my of my face and my eye makeup which cant be a bad thing.
Marc by Marc Jacobs - Havana Glasses:

My second pair are from Boot's own designer range Kyusu. These are my 'fun' frames. I say this because my other ones are very smart professional looking glasses, and these ones are a bit heavier and have purple insides which show when you are wearing them. These will act as a spare pair but also as my fun glasses for when I don't want to look so serious!

This has fallen at a good time as this week Tanya Burr did an every day makeup tutorial for glasses wears on her channel, which you can check out here.  If you would like to see future post of makeup tips for glasses wears or tips on how to choose the frame for you write down in the comments below.

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emily xx

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