Sunday, 25 May 2014

Leavers Cakes!

This week has been my last official week in school (well Sixth Form). So this to me meant cake for every lesson. Here is what my sister and I made for all of our classes and it consisted of 90+ cupcakes and a very large square sandwiched cake.

So I will start with my favourite ones that we made, these adorable Sheep Cupcakes! One of our biology teachers is obsessed with sheep and helps the farmer who owns the field behind his house with the sheep he keeps there, I suppose he just likes sheep! To make these cute sheep it was very simple. They are just simple cupcakes, with butter cream frosting and marshmallows stuck on the top with the fondant face. The faces are just white fondant icing with black food colouring, with white choc chips and black squeeze tube icing. These cake are simple, effective and really cute!

For psychology we made cakes we have made many times. Ice cream cupcake, which are also simple and effective. These are simple cupcakes with a swirl of butter cream icing finished with sprinkles and a flake!

Maths was my final ever lesson. For this we made lemon cupcakes, using the Dr Oekter daisys and an outward swirl of lemon butter cream icing.

This cake was my biggest challenge. For this cake I created my own new element for the Periodic Table- Blueconium! This was a simple Victoria sandwich cake, covered with icing and decorated with hand cut fondant letters and ribbons around the edge.

I really enjoyed my last official day in school. It involved many selfies, photos and also filling the Head of Years office with over 200 balloons and wrapping up her door frame, then a mass trip to Nandos! To everyone who has recently left school for exam leave, whether that is GCSE's, A/ AS Levels or University, I wish you the best of luck in your exams and revision and I hope you had as much fun on your last few days as I did.

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