Sunday, 31 August 2014

Uni Clothing Essentials Haul!

Before I go to Uni I decided that there were a few essential pieces of clothing that I need before I go. I didn't purchase any of these as they were a treat of my Granny for my results and getting into Uni. So here goes...

The first thing I got, i picked up a while ago so you may have seen it before. It was this faux leather jacket I picked up in TK Maxx. I think that a leather jack is an essential as it can be used all the time to dress up and outfit, but i do just love it!
The next the I got was coincidentally  from Next. They are these boots. As I know I am moving up north for Uni I know that it is going to be chilly and may get slippy. So I need some sensible boots that will keep my feet warm and last for most my time at uni. These boots are really comfy even from the first time I have warn them and have paired them with these woolly leg warms I have from a few winters ago. You can see these here.

Jeans were something I was lacking in my wardrobe. But over the past year the only jeans I can find that fit me and do short leg seizes (because my legs are tiny), are the Topshop jeans. So I picked up these darker ones, to wear through Autumn and Winter. The style I like are the Leigh jeans that sit perfectly on my hips. Theses jeans are on the pricey size but they last for a really long time so I feel they are worth the investment. You can find these ones here.
The last thing I know isn't exactly and essential but I saw it and fell in love. It is a mint green thin knit long sleeved jumper with this beautiful lace over lay on the bottom. I picked it up in Dorthy Perkins and i think it will be perfect with a statement necklace and a pair of boots, and is thin enough to layer with a jacket for the colder months to come. You can see it here.

I hope you have enjoyed this and if they are any going to uni post which you wish to see feel free to leave your suggestions down in the comments.

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