Sunday, 7 September 2014

25 Things to Do This Summer Update #2

I think it is time for the second update of my 25 things I wanted to do this summer, so its time for the final 12 things.

If you didn't see the original post you can see it here and the first update here.

13. Buy and wear something out of my comfort zone.
I have three items that fit in this category. The first one is a crop top I got in the sale in New Look. The reason this is out of my comfort zone is because it is cropped, which is something I though I would never go for. The next is this top from Topshop Petite this is also slightly cropped but it is also not the shape I would usually go for. Then finally this white top from Holister which is quite strappy and floaty which I wouldn't usually choose. But I really like all of these.
14. Re-decorate my room
Humm, I haven't quite got round to this. I would love to be able to get it done before I go to uni but i am highly doubting that I will.

15. Have a huge clear out!
I have had a humongous clear out! I have gone though all of my 6th form work, and also through my clothes and everything. This has been helped by me having to pack for university.

16. Try some new foods.
Going on the cruise really helped with this. Foods that I have really enjoyed are asparagus and polenta!

17. Visit somewhere in the UK I have never been before.
Hum I didn't really go to a town or somewhere that I have never been. But I did go to the Ritz which is somewhere I had never been.
18. Keep my room as mess free as possible.
I would like to say that I did, but my mum reads this and I'm sure she would not be afraid to comment say that that I didn't. I have tried in more recent weeks to be tidy. But when I go to uni I'm going to have to learn as my room space will be very limited.

19. Do something a bit scary!
I have climbed over the O2 which I suppose classes as scary, but to me it wasn't that scary. The things this summer that were more scary were things that I was a little anxious about. But my most scary thing is still to come, and that is moving out to a place where I will know no one!

20. Go out with my friends at least once.
I did this. On results night S Club 7 (well 3, Jo, Tina and Paul) played at the club so we all went there. This was like all my childhood dreams coming true and I hold my hands up I cried when they sang 'I've never had a dream come true'.  But it isn't a night I will easily forget.

21. Host a garden party with afternoon tea.

I haven't manged to achieve this. Which I am sad about.

22. Go on  a bike ride.
I did this when I was in London, on our Boris Bike around Hyde park. It was a lovely day and I had such a good time.

23. Sew all my badges onto my camp blanket.
I have almost, done this. As you can see my camp blanket is getting pretty full. I am thinking about doing a blog post on my blanket, if that is something you would wont to see let me know in the comments.
24. Eat pizza and pasta in Italy.
I did this. Pizza in Pisa and Pasta in Rome. They were delicious.

25. This one may sound cheesy but, I just really want to enjoy this summer!
I did really enjoy this summer! :)

Thank you for coming on this summers journey with me. It has been one of the best summers I have had and as you can see I have managed to achieve most of the things I set out to do.

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emily xx

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