Sunday, 18 May 2014

Washing my Make Up Brushes!

Before I got my Real Technique brushes I never used the same brushes everyday to do my make up. But I am now more aware about keeping my brushes clean.

There are many reason why cleaning your brushes is important. One of which is the build up of bacteria in the brushes, especially if you are covering up blemish with you brushes, you don't want to be spreading that bacteria all over your face. Other reasons include being able to change colours for example yesterday you had a dark smokey eye but today you want to use lighter eye shadow but with the same brush.
Leaving my brushes to dry.
Spot Cleaning
I may spot clean my brushes between washes if for example I want to change colour. To spot clean I use a micellar water. I will apply the water to a cotton pad and move the brush in circular movements on the cotton pad to remove the small amount of pigment in the brush.
The product I use: Garnier Micellar Water-

Deep Cleaning
I aim to deep clean my brushes once a week, and I use baby shampoo, but use can use any plain shampoo. So here is the process I go through to clean my brushes:
1. I will first clean put the brush under the running tap to ensure that is is fully wet.
2. Next I will put a small pea sized blob of shampoo in the palm of my hand (the size of the blob will vary depending on the size of the brush. I will run water over the shampoo.
3. I will then place brush in the the shampoo and clean it using circular motions.
4. I then rinse brush using running water squeezing the brushes to ensure all dirt and bubble to be removed. If dirt is still coming out repeat washing using more shampoo until the brushes run clear when being rinsed. When rinsing ensure the water runs down the brush, and not run into where the glue is holding the brush together, this includes getting water above the metal part of the brush, so it cant run into the brush to the glue. (This isn't a big problem with real technique brushes as the metal goes most the way us the brush but others only have the standard small amount of metal).
5. When all the brushed have been cleaned I leave them to dry on a folded towel with the brush par of the brush hanging over the edge.
The product I use: Johnson Baby Shampoo-

Lathering up the brush.
My brushes: Real Techniques Core Collection -
                         Real Technique Starter Set -

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and if you haven't clean your brushes recently it has inspired you to get them clean. If you enjoy reading my blog I would love it if you would like my Facebook page or follow me on Bloglovin.

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