Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Five Happy Things!

January is supposed to be the most depressing month of the year. This fact has been pushed more this year than ever before, however I love January (mainly because it is my birthday) and don't like watching people being down in one of my favorite months. But now all the 'Blue Mondays' are gone it is time to be happy, so here as my 5 easy tips to happiness.

Just before we start a quick disclaimer, I do not have the answer to everlasting happiness, just some tips that work for me to make me happier even if it just for the time I am doing them.

1. Surrounding your self with the people who love you.
This may sound obvious, but some of you may have moved away or just don't have the best relationships with families or friends. If you are not surrounded with good friends it can be hard to keep your mood up, so make the effort get on Skype, FaceTime or pick up the phone. Get in contact with the friends and family who love you !! 

2. Clothing and Makeup
I believe that what you wear can change your mood. If your feeling down, dress in a way to suit the mood you want. If its a Saturday night and your not feeling up to going out, put on some heels, paint your nails and wing your eyeliner.  It could make all the difference. On the other hand if you are feeling tired and you are having a day in, put a onesie or PJ's on be comfy and happy! 

3. Baking
On Great British Bake off, baking may seem to be stressful, however it can be really relaxing. You can't beat getting your anger out kneading dough or beating cake mixture or just letting your creativity flow. However he part of baking that makes me the happiest is watching people enjoying what I have made or alternatively stuffing your face with you chocolate cake creation!

4. Music
We have all seen the teen movies where they jump om the beds dancing to cheesy music. Well it really works to make you happy, put on some happy music and let if go! The song I having been jumping round to is Clean Bandit's 'Rather Be'.

5. Random Acts of Kindness
Random acts of kindness can be anything, smiling at someone, sharing some chocolate, giving beauty products you don't like to friends, buying something just because it made you think of someone or just sending a text saying your thinking of someone.

Making someone else happy, will make you feel happy in return.

Thank you for reading this and I hope some of these tips are helpful. In other news I now have a Facebook Page  and you can also follow my blog on Bloglovin to see when I next post.

emily xx


  1. What a lovely start to a blog =] Some very good advice in there!!!! I would love it if you could check out my blog too! x

  2. Hi, Emily! I'm 18 as well and I intend to start my blog soon!
    Sometimes, for me happiness means peace and silence, so I would add to your list reading. :)
    I hope we could be friends. :)

    1. Yh, reading is a good one :) I would love to read your blog if you started one :) If you like my Fb page, liked at the bottom of the blog, I can message you and we can have a chat :)

  3. I love baking, it's so relaxing! The Great British Sewing Bee is also making me really want to sew too, wouldn't it be nice to have time for all these things! xx

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