Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Beach Cupcakes!

It is time for so summer baking. And if you are having a BBQ or summer picnic and are not on a gorgeous beach, these cupcakes will make a perfect addition.
I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe. Add all ingredients to a bowl, and mix until light. Bake in an oven at 180c for 12 minutes or until golden brown.

100g- Self raising Flour
100g- Butter
100g- Caster Sugar
2- Medium Eggs
1 tsp- Baking Power
1 tsp- Vanilla Extract
To decorate I uses a basic buttercream half or which I added blue food colouring too.  
100g- Butter
200g- Icing Sugar

To make the sand I used crushed Shortcake Biscuits, but you can use any biscuit you like. For the details I used mini cocktail umbrellas which I found on Ebay and these Dr Oetker Jelly Slices as little beach towels. To assemble I spread the plain buttercream icing on half of the cupcake and sprinkled on the crushed biscuits. Then piped on the blue icing in wave and added the details.

 I really enjoyed making these cupcakes, they are easy yet look really good. I hope that you you a go and if you do show me your pictures via my Facebook page  and make sure you never miss a post make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin.

emily xx

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