Saturday, 19 July 2014

Festival/Camping Tag!

So for the lack of blog last week as I was away as a leader on a D of E expedition and Talk Becky Talk has recently created the Festival/Camping Tag. I though this was the perfect opportunity to share my beauty camping tips and share some of the accessories I would take to a festival, with you.

1. Suncreams- That is both face SPF and Body SPF. I really like the Boots Once Face SPF and it is really moisturising and absorbs into the skin with out feeling heavy. It is also slight tinted so it doesn't leave your skin looking white or chalky. The Soltan invisible sun cream is a great all over body sun cream it isn't heavy and gives the skin a glow as well as protection.
2. Moisturiser- This is an important one when you are camping and spending a lot of time outside. What ever moisturiser you like, take it with you. This is one I really like, as it just a plain moisturiser with no fragrance, but is super moisturising.
3. Micellaer Water/ Wipes- When camping there is not always the time or sink to have a proper face wash so alternative are needed. I love micellaer water as you pop it on a cotton pad and you make up just dissolves off you face and it is rinse free perfect for camping. But if not get hold of some good quality face wipes, such as the Yes Too wipes that I really like as well.
4. Make Up- My tip for this is keep it simple. Just the basics, a light BB cream you don't want to be wearing anything too heavy, concealer for the imperfection and under eye circles and then just a mascara.
5. Lip Balm- Being out in the element means you lips will subject to suffering and therefore needs protection and hydration. The best balms would be the ones with SPF but i have been really liking this Mint Balm from Superdrug.
6. Dry Shampoo- You may not be able to shower on camp. But that is what dry shampoo is for it will clean hair as well as adding volume. I have been loving the Batiste Tropical, as it smells amazing and just like a fruity cocktail. Yum.

1. Sun glasses- These are a must if camping in the sun, aswell as accessorising the are protection for you eyes.
2. Bun Wrap- This one is from Claires it is just a simple bun wrap that an be tide round a bun or pony tail and just adds that little bit of summer.
3. Daisy Crown- This is perfect for when you hair is down in it natural wavy state, and is a must for festivals.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the products and accessories I use when I go camping. Here are a few photos I took of the weekend and I hope it shows that camping isn't that bad.
My Humble Abode otherwise known as Tent!
View form the Roaches Tea Room
View from Hen Cloud
Thank you for reading, next week I am on holiday so blogs may not be up on Sundays, but the next few are exciting blogs of what I have been getting up too of the the past weeks. To see what I've been up to like my Facebook page  and make sure you never miss a post make sure you are following my blog on Bloglovin.

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